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SLICE Specials 😋🤌🏼


Order #1

Pepperoni 10''

All I can say is - the pizza does its job, but does it do it well? Hm, well. Someone once said, what is wonderfully captured isn’t always, well wonderful. The best thing about this pizza is definitely the good lightning. While the veggies, pepperoni & cheese make for a great meal in theory, the execution can potentially turn a smile upside down. But in the end, it is the thought that counts so I give it a strong 3 - extra points for all the love.


x slice special <3



After a long day at work when you’re about to enter your home and you hear at least ten different voices, you dread socialising. But imagine you get in and it is all your favourite cousins in that room. This pizza is the feeling of apprehension which is quickly overcome with satisfaction and happiness. Or maybe, I was already so hopeless about it that anything was above my set standards.


If looks could kill, this pizza wouldn't be it. However, when it comes to taste & flavour? Nope, not really, no chance either.


Unfortunately between the chaos of the spinach, onions and peppers, not even the "piece de resistance", (hint: pepperoni) could salvage it. 


However it's the thought that counts and there were clearly a lot of heads (Count: 10) at work with this dish. 


11/10 for the enthusiasm

A strong 2.5 for the execution

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